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We monitor your infrastructure from 1 to 100,000 servers, from cloud providers to databases and containers.

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Auto-discovery of services you should monitor

Nobody should have to install integrations one by one, server by server.

  • Deploy the lightweight agent in minutes via Puppet, Chef, Ansible or a simple shell script
  • Agent detects services on your machines, and suggests which ones to install
  • This allows any team to do their own monitoring, regardless of monitoring experience
  • Agents automatically register and deregister as servers come and go in your environment

Deep integrations via Dataloop.IO packs

Every service integration comes with dashboards, alerts and key operational metrics that you can customize further.

  • Dataloop.IO packs encapsulate operational knowledge required to start monitoring a service, e.g., MySQL or Memcached
  • Packs consist of plugins, dashboards and alerts bundled together into a one-click install module
  • We continuously add new services to the pack library + you can build your own using our GitHub repo
  • You can also write your own plugins: edit your script right in the browser, test it on any agent, and share it with other teams

Dashboards, analytics and alerts

Visualize your metrics and use analytical functions and queries to see what matters to you.

  • Make your own dashboards fast: we offer ten different chart types, and you can include any metric or status check
  • Gather data from your business apps via Nagios, SQL, or JMX, and publish to Dataloop.IO to show business health metrics
  • Alert on any metric value, service state, or agent state

Easy deployment of custom metrics

Your software is not out of the box, so why settle for out-of-the-box-metrics?

  • Create and update plugins to pull in any custom metric, all from within the browser
  • Centrally manage the deployment of the plugin (no need to redeploy the agent)
  • Quickly debug and test the plugin on any agent, then share it with other teams
  • The best part? Unlimited custom metrics, for free. That means no surprises in your bill and no worries about overstepping any given limit

Monitoring for microservices

We built our account model for the new norm: dozens of microservices teams, each monitoring their own stuff.

  • Every microservice team does monitoring in a self-service fashion, fixing their own problems when they arise
  • Teams can invite members of other teams as users, admins, or just viewers
  • Organization overview provides for centralized insight and control of the entire infrastructure
Dataloop’s Advanced Account Model