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Our Story

The founding team, David, Steven & Colin, met at Alfresco, launching their Enterprise Cloud Service. Like all online services, we had to setup monitoring to let us know when the service wasn’t working properly, and let us see what was happening with our service in production. Unfortunately, it took us 6 months to build everything using Open-Source tools, and didn’t really scale or allow us to get adoption of the monitoring tool outside the DevOps team.

So we went off and spoke to everyone we could (see our talk on the customer development) to find out if this was a common problem with other online/SaaS companies, and found that almost 90% of the companies we spoke to had also spent over 6 months building their own monitoring tool in house, and the problem was only getting worse with Micro-Services, Cloud, DevOps and Docker all taking off. In fact it was such a big problem, we convinced a few companies to pay us six-figures to work with us while we built the product in our first 2 months.

Along the way we’ve also founded and run the world’s largest DevOps Meetup, DevOps Exchange London, which we’re now bringing across the U.S, – see the video here.

2 years later, we now boast some amazing logos using our product, and a product that is getting so much growth in our early customers, we’re now ready to scale up and hire our first sales & marketing team in San Francisco, where David, our CEO, is re-locating to setup our new HQ there (product engineering will stay in London).


We’re in a huge growing market, every company is becoming a software business as software continues to eat the world, and they all need good monitoring to ensure that their software stays running for their users. Along with the huge shift in the way companies are building and running their software with Cloud, Micro-Services, DevOps and Containers, and no great product in this space yet, there’s never been a better time to launch a company to go after this.

Our customers range from small start-ups paying $10’s per month, all the way to world leading SaaS companies who pay us $100,000’s a year. These customers joined us early on, before the product was even ready, because they saw the unique way we’ve approached monitoring, that clearly differentiates us from all the other monitoring tools out there. Now the product is ready, with the right team we are looking to grow fast!

With our Series A in the bank, those of you looking to make a significant impact on a company that is about to take off will have the chance to make your mark and define what the company can be as it establishes itself as a leader in this space.

The Current Team

There’s currently 8 of us, all engineering focussed based in London, with David our CEO doing everything outside that. David has re-located to San Francisco to setup our U.S. HQ and hire our first sales & marketing team. We have an awesome culture of making customers happy and getting s**t done. We regularly take the team out after work for dinner and drinking, and even try to take trips together like we did in Portland last year, and Berlin this month. With our two offices we plan to organise more trips to make sure everyone in the company stays connected and gets to know everyone as we scale up!

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