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Monitoring beyond cloud-scale

Visibility for your entire Cloud, SaaS, Microservices and IoT stack

Dataloop provides native as well as easily extensible custom monitoring for Cloud, SaaS, Microservices and IoT deployments. Dataloop is the #1 choice for agile teams deploying a microservices architecture. We monitor the entire server-to-services stack for some of the most popular services used in your deployments. Devops team love us.

Why Dataloop.IO is different

Frictionless Setup

Install & setup in minutes

Whether its one server, or a thousand servers, Dataloop.IO’s unique technology will allow you to get all your core monitoring setup without writing any large amount of Configuration Management. Just install the agent and start getting immediate coverage across hundreds or thousands of servers in minutes.

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Custom Metrics

Effortless custom monitoring

Dataloop.IO’s unique plug-in architecture technology allows you to write, test and deploy custom Nagios check scripts across hundreds or thousands of servers in minutes. From the idea of what you want to measure, to seeing that on a dashboard in real time, you will get even more visibilty and coverage across your services than you can in any other monitoring solution today.

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Break down organizational silos

Operational insights for all

Your Operations team can write Nagios plugins, your Developers can stream metrics in via our wire-compatible Graphite/StatsD ports, and your whole organization can see all your service metrics in one place via Dataloop.IO’s beautiful dashboards. Break down the silos and bridge the gap between Dev & Ops by providing a self-service monitoring solution that everyone can collaborate around to make better, data-driven, decisions on how to run a better service for your users.

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Real-time Alerts

Easily setup Alert-rules for individuals, teams, team of teams

Dataloop.IO allows any of your team to quickly and easily setup Alert Rules off any metric sent to Dataloop.IO, in real-time. Whether your Developers want to be alerted off application or business metrics from Graphite or StatsD, or your Operations team want standard infrastructure alerting, its incredibly easy to setup new Alerts for your different teams.

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