Monitoring for your Cloud Service

  • Are you spending all your time setting up and tuning your open-source monitoring tools...

  • ...only to find out they're not designed for the continuously changing environments we run today?

  • Replace your "kit car" with a high performance monitoring service designed for DevOps & Operations team running Cloud Services at scale.

  • Setup takes minutes using our simple drag & drop hierachy and out-the-box plugins library.

  • Create custom dashboards for your teams to keep an eye on the things they care about.

  • Setup alert handlers to ensure the right action is taken at the right time.

  • Signup now to get notified as soon as we launch and see how Dataloop.IO will save you time while dramaticly improving your monitoring.
  • Happier customers - monitor and alert on all components of your service.
  • Data driven decisions - configurable dashboards that empower every group.
  • Designed for continuous delivery - work at an environment and role level like your cm system.
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Save time & gain agility by using our Cloud Monitoring Service so you can focus on running yours better.

Dataloop.IO is perfect for DevOps & Operations teams running cloud services at scale
Key Features

Aggregated Metrics

Push data directly to our service via our Graphite and Statsd interfaces. Use our simple agent with your current Nagios format scripts for pull based metrics.

Intelligent Alerts

Define events and handlers across metrics from any source. Specify business criticality so you only get woken up when it's an emergency.

Fully Scriptable

Everything available in our UI can be configured via our public API. We also provide sample scripts for common tasks like registering and deregistering agents.

Custom Dashboards

Drag multiple types of widget onto our dashboard. Then drag metrics on top to build up a view into how your service is operating. Save and publish for TV screens around the office or as a scheduled email.

Works with your CM system

Push out our agent across your infrastructure using Puppet and Chef. We keep our Github repository up to date with support for whatever configuration management system you are running.

Truly Agile

We reduce the time taken for getting a single check script from idea to in production to minutes. Write Nagios format checks in your browser, run and debug via RPC and save in our UI. Drag onto your servers for instant deployment.

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