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The only monitoring tool that scales to thousands of servers and any number of teams

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No more monitoring sprawl

Consolidate and standardize OS and SaaS tools into a single, efficient platform.

  • Migrate open-source monitoring without modifying custom OS scripts
  • Pull in metrics and events from cloud providers and complementary monitoring tools (APM, logs, external monitoring)
  • Reduce the number of tools, logins and dashboards to a few key tools for diagnosing problems
No more monitoring sprawl

Open source standards = no vendor lock-in

Don’t take months to rewrite each plugin and configuration in a new, proprietary format.

  • Our agent runs Nagios plugins and a Prometheus exporter scraper by default
  • Push metrics via wire-compatible Graphite, StatsD, InfluxDB APIs
  • Monitor new technologies in minutes by integrating with open source collectors
Open source standards

Dashboards, analytics and alerts out of the box

Experienced in monitoring or just starting out? We got you covered.

  • Deeper integrations featuring pre-configured dashboards, key metrics and alerts
  • Build dashboards and share them with via URL or on TV screens
  • Create advanced queries and apply analytical functions to see what’s really going on
  • Combine business metrics, application metrics and infrastructure metrics alongside events
Dataloop’s Dashboards

One account, many teams

No logging in and out of multiple accounts to understand what is going on with each team/environment.

  • We’re the only monitoring tool allowing you to retain central control and oversight of the entire infrastructure while letting each team set up their own monitoring
  • GitHub-style user management for agents, teams, environments
  • Users can be members of multiple teams as admins, members, or viewers
Dataloop’s Advanced Account Model

Auto-discovery for faster setup

Skip manual configurations that are hard to adopt and don’t scale.

  • Automatically collect metrics from servers and discoverable services
  • Do a simple one-step install for discovered services
  • Every new tool and technology will be rolled out just as fast, no matter how many servers and services you need monitored
  • Don’t see an integration? Build your own plugin in any scripting language and for any service you like